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“China Sports Lottery” scam

Cleveland Police are warning the public not to fall for the “China Sports Lottery” scam.

Lottery Balls Bouncing

The scam letter says the recipient has won more than £800,000 in the China Sports Lottery. The letter then urges the reader to contact an address in Beijing and London.

In lottery scams fraudsters will tell you that you have won a prize and that you need to pay a “fee” to receive it or ask for personal information in order to steal your identity.

Protect yourself against lottery fraud

  • Remember if you haven’t entered a lottery then you can’t have won it.
  • No official lottery will ask for a fee to collect winnings. Any request for a fee payment is a good indication that someone is trying to defraud you.
  • Never, ever disclose your bank details or pay fees in advance.
  • If they’ve provided an email address to respond to, be very suspicious of addresses such as or or numbers beginning with 07 because these are free to get hold of.
  • Genuine lotteries thrive on publicity. If they ask you to keep your win a secret it’s likely to be a fraud.
  • Many fraudulent lotteries have bad spelling and grammar.

For further information please visit the Cleveland police website.

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