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Cash machine fraud warning

Police are warning card holders to look out for skimming devices that have been attached to cash points by fraudsters.

Cash machine

A number of offences have taken place in the last few days in areas of Cornwall.

The fraud occurs after fraudsters attach a skimming device to the card insertion point of the cash machine.

The device still allows the cardholder to put their card into the machine, input their PIN and initiate their transaction. However, the machine later says that it has already dispensed the cash or that there is a fault with the machine.

If the individual leaves the cash point, believing that their card has been swallowed, a fraudster waiting nearby removes the skimming device along with the victim’s card from the machine. The fraudster is likely to have tried to gain the person’s PIN too – either by watching them while at the machine or by filming it using a hidden camera above the keypad. They can use this to steal money from the person's bank account.

Protect yourself from cash point fraud

  • Always look closely at the card insertion point of a cash machine before using it. If it looks like it may have been tampered with, do not use it.
  • If you realise the machine has been tampered with after you have inserted your card, call your bank while still standing at the cash machine if it is safe to do so.
  • Always shield your hand when entering your PIN into a cash point keypad.

Read more about the cash point fraud warning on the Devon and Cornwall Police website.

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