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British soldier dating scam

Police are warning dating website users to watch out for scammers claiming to be someone they’re not, with the intention of tricking them into parting with money.

Online Dating

A woman contacted police recently after becoming friendly with a man claiming to be a soldier on an internet dating site. Police believe the individual was setting her up for a scam. The woman became suspicious because details the ‘soldier’ had given about himself did not check out.

This latest report follows a number of other reports of women who have fallen victim to scams by sending money to men claiming to be soldiers who they met on internet dating sites.

How do dating scams work?

Dating scammers form online relationships with individuals over weeks and months, then make a request for money when they feel they have established enough trust. The fraudsters have been known to give a number of reasons for needing money, including to pay for a plane ticket, for medical bills, or to set up a telephone link near a military base abroad.

Police are advising anyone who uses dating websites to use reputable companies and to follow their online safety advice. Never send money, however genuine the request may seem.

Read more about this soldier dating scam on West Mercia Police’s website.

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