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Booked non-existent tickets from Here’s what to do

Action Fraud has received a number of reports from victims who have purchased non-existent tickets from ‘’.
  • Victims have reported not receiving tickets for Robbie Williams and The Demon Dayz Festival.
  • Victims cannot get hold of the company and haven’t received any tickets.  
  • Action Fraud is working on shutting down the website and phone number. 

The website which is taking people’s money for concerts and festivals due to take place later this year is actually a fraud.  We are working with our partners in law enforcement to get the website and phone number taken down to stop others from falling victim.

Victims who have purchased tickets are instructed that they will receive physical tickets along with further correspondence nearer to the event date; however, as the concert or event date has drawn closer and victims have attempted to contact ‘’ for an update, a response has been received suggesting a number of reasons why tickets cannot be sent.

These include an overbooking of tickets at the venue, a delay receiving the tickets from a supplier, or that the tickets have simply had to be cancelled. 

When victims have responded to the email or attempted to seek further information via ‘’ social media platforms, there has been no further contact. Some reports have also indicated that victims have been promised a refund, though we are currently unaware of any refunds being awarded. 

In these cases there appears to be a number of victims who were expecting to attend a Robbie Williams concert and there have also been some reports which have indicated fraudulent ticket purchases for The Demon Dayz Festival. 

What to do if you’ve been affected?

  • If you have fallen victim, it is important that you report it to Action Fraud. This will allow police to gain a better understanding of the scale of the fraud and will help build an investigation. Everyone that reports to Action Fraud will receive a Police Crime Reference Number (NFRC) and an update in writing 28 working days later.
  • If you have paid by Credit Card, contact your provider as they will be able to reimburse you under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. If you paid by Debit Card, also contact your provider, but remember it might not always be possible to get your money back. 
  • This guide from Which? explains how to get your money back after a fraud.

More than 21,000 people have reported falling victim to ticket fraud in the last 3 years and lost £17 million. When buying tickets online, follow our advice on how to stay safe. 

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