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Bogus bank phone calls

Police are urging bank account holders not to give out bank details if they receive unsolicited phone calls, after an attempted scam has been reported.


The warning comes after a man received a phone call from a person claiming to be from Santander bank. The caller asked for the man’s debit card number, claiming that the government had ordered the bank to pay back account charges to account holders who had been overcharged on fees.

Protect yourself from scam phone calls

  • Never give out personal details or bank details to unsolicited callers.
  • If you are at all unsure, hang up the phone and call your bank on the phone number that appears on your bank statements or on the bank’s legitimate website.
  • If you think your bank details may have fallen into the wrong hands, contact your bank immediately.
  • If you have lost money to any type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud.

Read more about the bogus bank phone calls on the Gloucestershire Police website.

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