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Beware of British Airways e-ticket malware

Cybercriminals are spamming inboxes with malware claiming to be an e-ticket from British Airways.

Infected emails

Fraudsters have cloned a real British Airways email and attached a ZIP file containing the supposed ticket. Security firm Sophos has identified its contents as malware.

The email header has also been forged to make it appear as though they originated at [email protected].

The email subject and attachment looks like this:

Subject: BA e-ticket receipt
Attached file:

If you have recently booked a flight with British Airways you might be tempted to open the attachment. If you receive one of this emails do not open the ZIP file and delete it or you run the risk of your computer being infected.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos said “Even if you weren't planning to fly with British Airways soon, you might still open the attachment and view its contents out of curiosity. And that's precisely what the cybercriminals are relying upon to infect as many PCs as possible”

Read more about the malware on the Sophos blog.

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