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Mac computer owners need anti-virus protection

8th November 2010

Owners of Apple Mac computers are being warned that they need anti-virus protection to help them fight online threats.

Some Mac users believe that anti-virus protection is not necessary, but according to Sophos, there are a number of threats to Mac computers.

Online threats to Macs

These threats include websites posing as legitimate software vendors’ websites, but whose downloads are really Mac malicious code. There is also malware disguised as pirated software available to download from P2P file-sharing websites; online video links that ask you to install a plug-in to view the content, but really infects your system with a Mac Trojan horse; and tweets from popular Twitter accounts with links designed to infect Mac computers.

These threats can lead to fraudsters getting hold of your personal information, such as usernames and passwords, and online banking information.

Read more about anti-virus protection for Macs on Sophos’ website.

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