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iPhones hit by jailbreaking scams

3rd August 2010

iPhone users are being targeted by a new email scam promising them software that will allow them to download apps not approved by Apple.

Since it was announced that iPhone jailbreaking – where iPhone users can legitimately download apps not approved by Apple – is now legal in the US, fraudsters have been operating a new scam to take advantage of this.

How does the iPhone scam work?

iPhone users receive an email that tells them they can use a new application for iPhone jailbreaking. The email recipient is told they need to click on a link that will take them to a webpage where the software is available. In fact, this is a scam to try to steal victims’ bank details and other personal information.

Clicking on the link in this email will add a Trojan to the iPhone, which logs the information the user puts into all the sites they visit, which includes usernames, passwords and bank account information. Fraudsters can use this information to steal a person’s identity, withdraw money and make other transactions in the victim’s name.

BitDefender, the internet security company who identified the scam, advises iPhone users to never open suspicious links or attachments.

Read more on BitDefender’s website.

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