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Information reports

Action Fraud can take fraud information reports from you if you have been in a situation where fraud could have occurred but didn’t.

This could be if you have received a letter or email asking you for money in relation to a bogus lottery win, inheritance or other approach for money that is not genuine but related to a type of fraud. If you have not responded to an approach like this, whether it was online or in person, we cannot generate a crime report. However, we can collect the details via an information report and pass it onto the police.

How do I make an information report?

The easiest way to make an information report is to use our online fraud reporting tool.

  • Go to the Report a fraud page on our website and click on ‘Report a fraud online’.
  • This will launch the online fraud reporting tool.
  • When you reach the page ‘About you’, select ‘I am not a victim, I have information relating to fraud to pass on’.
  • Continue to fill out this online fraud reporting tool, providing as much information as you can.

Note: Once you have filled out your information report and submitted it to us, your information will be passed on to the police. You will not hear back from us and do not need to contact us again.

Reporting on behalf of victims

You can also complete an information report using the steps above if you are reporting a fraud on behalf of a victim who has not given their permission for you to do so.

We strongly advise you to gain permission from the victim of fraud to report it on their behalf, or encourage them to report it directly to Action Fraud. In this instance a crime report can be generated.

Fill out a fraud information report via Action Fraud’s online fraud reporting tool or by calling us on 0300 123 2040.