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Facebook scam - 10 things adults never tell their kids

6th September 2010

One of the latest Facebook scams Sophos is warning Facebook users about starts with a link to a Facebook page called: ’10 Things Adults NEVER Tell Their Kids !!’

Facebook users who click on the link are asked to ‘like’ and then ‘share’ the page, which helps the scammers spread the link virally across Facebook. It will then take the user to a blog about the lies parents tell, but an online survey appears in front of it, demanding the user fills it in before they can view the content. Fraudsters earn a commission on every survey answered.

How to avoid Facebook scams

People should not click on links that they can’t verify. Action Fraud is also reminding Facebook users that ‘liking’ unverified Facebook pages and allowing access to personal information via social networking websites like Facebook can result in identity theft and fraud.

Read more about the 10 things adults never tell their kids Facebook scam on Sophos’ website.

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