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100,000 computers infected with bank scamming technology

5th August 2010

Thousands of people are at risk of having their personal data used by cybercriminals to commit fraud.

It is likely that internet users’ computers became infected with the Zeus botnet after clicking on a link in a spam email or visiting an infected website. The botnet is allowing criminals to collect personal data from PCs, including online banking log-in details, credit and debit card numbers and any other passwords entered into the infected machines.

UK targeted in scam

Trusteer, the internet security company who discovered Zeus, found that 98% of the infected computers are UK-based. They are working with UK Payments and the police to tackle the fraudsters.

The scam is difficult to identify, but internet users are advised to be cautious if there has been any change to their online bank log-in procedures, or if they are asked to resubmit their password and other details.

If in any doubt, people should call their bank to make a transaction and check for any suspicious activity on their account.

Read more about the Zeus botnet scam on Trusteer’s website.

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