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Beware of roofing scammers

13th September 2010

Police are warning residents to be aware of bogus callers insisting on an upfront payment for roof repairs that never materialise.

Men claiming to be from a roofing company have been telling homeowners that their roofs need repairing and ask for an upfront payment for materials. Once they have received payment, they leave and do not return. One resident lost several thousand pounds to the fraudsters, who have been targeting vulnerable and older people in particular.

Be vigilant against bogus callers

So far people in the Strathclyde area of Scotland have been targeted. As fraudsters move and change the geographical areas they operate in, all UK residents should also be vigilant about this type of fraud. Any UK resident who has lost money to a fraud like this should report it to Action Fraud.

Police are urging residents not to feel pressurised into buying from door-to-door salesmen or handing over any money for services.

Read more about the bogus caller roofing scam on Strathclyde Police’s website.

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To report a fraud, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use our online fraud reporting tool.