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UBS fraudsters offering fake shares in Airbnb

Following the news of Airbnb’s initial public offering (IPO) fraudsters claiming to be from Swiss Bank UBS are trying to trick victims into investing in Airbnb stocks and shares.

UBS which provides financial advice and solutions to wealthy, institutional and corporate clients worldwide have been in contact with us and said they’ve had 60+ reports of fake emails using their name. 

The spoofed emails urge people to buy Airbnb stock before their 'IPO listing early next year' in order to get great returns. The truth is Airbnb have not set a date for their IPO and their CEO has said the company is not rushing to market.

If you receive one of these emails, don’t click on any links, delete it and report it to us. We are working with UBS and suspending the domains that fraudsters are using. 

Fraudsters cold calling

A search of our system also found 3 other reports from victims who had been cold called by UBS fraudsters with American and Australian accents. One victim sent £6,000 via bank transfer to a fraudster who was offering non-existent Airbnb shares. 

To make the fraud more plausible, the victim was also sent official looking paperwork, terms and conditions and follow up emails. Luckily the other 2 victims checked with UBS who confirmed that it was a fraud before they invested. 

You should never take up offers of investments on the spot from cold calls, if in doubt just hang up.  

Fraudsters often pressure vulnerable people into making worthless or non-existent investments. Learn how to spot the signs of investment fraud and how to protect yourself. 

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