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Publication fraud

This type of fraud happens when cold callers contact businesses and sell advertising space in a bogus publication for a seemingly good cause.

The caller will give the impression that the publisher is partnered with local charities, emergency services, crime prevention or community health initiatives.

Sometimes the caller will say that a business has placed an order previously, or even that someone else in the business has agreed to take out the advertising space.

The fraudsters may also send the business invoices whether or not the victim has agreed to take out the advertising space. They may follow up the invoices with threats of legal action.

Beware anyone claiming to represent any of the following:

  • Charities
  • Rescue Services
  • 999 Services
  • Rehabilitation projects

This type of fraud has now progressed to fraudsters pretending to be bailiffs and applying pressure tactics by telling victims they owe money to the court. The victims then transfer money into the suspects bank account sometimes even when they're not sure they have ever agreed to placing an advert in a magazine. Please do NOT send money to these fraudsters.

Fraud has been committed if money has been lost.

If fraud has been committed, report it to Action Fraud.

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