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1 in 3 think all websites pose a security threat

6th September 2010

A global survey has found that more than a third of computer users think that ‘when it comes to security, all websites are equally dangerous, all over the internet’.

The result came in response to the question: Where do you suspect is the greatest danger of malware infection on the internet? The remaining responses were:

26.69% said that so-called Warez sites, which offer illegal software, are extremely dangerous.
22% thought that web visitors are exposed to such dangers especially on websites with pornographic content.
12.59% said that browser games (poker etc) are really popular, so the danger is also very high.
4.14% thought that big portals are particularly vulnerable, due to their popularity.

Online trust

Security experts Avira, who ran the survey, say that although it’s encouraging that a third of their user base has learned that security threats can come from any website, they also can’t trust any of the websites they visit.

Action Fraud has some advice about how to spot online threats.

Read more about Avira’s survey on Avira’s website.

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